Launching, rebranding and the wide world of interwebs

Michael Ney - Monday, November 23, 2015

Firstly, welcome! Come on in. Let me tell you the story so far and introduce you to various aspects of this website and the company it speaks for.

My previous company name was Sensory Image which really was more geared towards documentary filmmaking than my current offering of production services to small business, corporate and educational clients. We, a small team of dedicated multi-skilled professionals, created a number of projects - whilst also doing various multimedia jobs. Prior to that, during the 90's and up to the turn of the century, I ran a company called Virtual Realm Xchange which never quite grew into its full potential. Nevertheless, we did some groundbreaking work, like the first interactive CD-ROMs for the University of Sydney, and a major Australia wide presentation for Westpac... and many other things besides. Those were the days :-) You can get all the details in my curriculum vitae and meet the various team members who are still on the scene today.

But NOW...

More soon... currently under construction.


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