Eagle Spirit Media has more than three decades experience in video production, multimedia, web development, stills photography, publishing and more recently, social media. We provide creative digital content for a broad range of marketing and communications needs.



Educational Content

Students give a "thumbs-up" to AV content more than texts. Online learning is increasingly popular. Create your virtual classroom not only in video presentations but also with extended multimedia and animation to illustrate complex ideas. Customise your teaching tools.

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Project Management

A producer experienced in business areas, as well as production tools and methods, is vital for any project. Ensure the vision is fulfilled, the budget is controlled and the project is successfully delivered on time. Other benefits come from extended networks and cost-saving measures.

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Promotional Video Profile

Address your target audience with informationative videos. Proven effective in ramping up customer engagement by enhancing your online presence. Why? A company profile video inspires confidence in your brand and answers important questions for your customers.

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I have engaged Michael on several editing projects. The clients were global brands and the quality which Michael delivered was of broadcast standard. In an Editor, I look for sensitivity to subject, tempo and the implicit as well as the explicit message. Michael delivers on all these. As a Cameraman, Director and Producer of his own projects, he also offers an understanding of the media which is comprehensive and coherent.

Andrew Morse, Digital Tsunami
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