Andrew Andreyev

Project Overview

Lawyer, Andrew Andreyev, engaged us to capture his special live presentations. Typically, this involves a setup of all lighting and camera equipment the night before the breakfast meeting. Then our crew captures the event, usually on at least 2, and preferably 3, cameras.

Example #1:

In the production setup it is important to balance the two requirements of making an audience comfortable and getting the best possible video result. To help with that a video monitor, facing the stage, is provided so that the presenter can view their powerpoint display without needing to turn to the screen behind. This is important to make the presentation more seamless to the audience, and also better for the video to avoid the pauses due to turning around.

Other aspects of working alongside an audience includes not running around the room, or gesticulating wildly to other crew. Keeping the video production as low key as possible, without compromising quality, is the ultimate aim.

It is also helpful to check the format of the presentation slide well before the presentation. This is not only to make sure the projection displays correctly but also that it can be integrated into the video post production easily.

Project Details

  • Client: Andrew Andreyev
  • Resources: Canon 7d, Panasonic HVX202, Sennheiser Microphones, LED LitePanel and other lights, Final Cut Pro
  • Video Link: Example #1:
  • Example #2:

Completed Tasks

  • Stage lighting setup
  • 3 camera shoot
  • Post-production