Human Nurture

Project Overview

This mini-doco is a short company profile. Short enough to keep interest, but long enough to contain many details spoken of in the voiceover and illustrated by the video and visuals. The addition of still photos highlight certain aspects of the company activities, or products.

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The aim of any video is that it tells a story which is not only informative but also pleasing, inviting for new clients and makes the company shine. We always start by discussing your service offerings and target market to decide what to focus on and make the creative decisions based on brand criteria and marketing strategy.

In this case, the video shoots were planned to cover:

Treatment sessions

Choosing main modalities, we shot a typical session and show different stages in progression. Massage, Acupuncture, Skin Diagnosis.

In-depth focus

Take one of these modalities and highlight the features and benefits with visual examples, rather than just talking about it.

Additional detail

Focus on Men’s Treatments for instance, and may combine a brief testimonial or two showing the process in action.


Arrange a number of clients willing to speak to camera and a day and time to shoot.

Post-production commences after all the video is shot and reviewed.

Editing of all footage, combined =with stills, and audio (music and voiceover) according to the script. We create a 60-120 second compilation from the best shots. Differemnt versions can be made to suit different social media requirements.

The final video should reflect what your home page text says and show:

  • clients feeling special
  • accurate diagnosis
  • knowledgeable therapists
  • combined beauty and wellness

Project Details

  • Client: Human Nurture
  • Resources: HVX202 camera, Rode & Sennheiser Microphones, various lites, Final Cut Pro
  • Video Link: Go to video

Completed Tasks

  • Script consultancy
  • Location recce and test stills
  • Main video production shoot
  • Testimonial shoot x 4 people
  • Post-production