Peace Angels

Project Overview

"Peace Angels - first steps" is a 26 minute documentary following the early development of a transformational theatre company known as 'The Peace Angels'. We capture the rehearsals leading up to the mammoth main event in Hyde Park, Sydney, and with several camera's cover their beautiful "Walking Light" ceremony.

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When a dream of peace blends with performance, angels will dance.

Co-produced by Tim Maddocks and Michael Ney (director).

"Peace Angels - first steps" is about the creation of a ceremonial event, "Walking Light", held in Sydney on 25 September 2011, as part of a week of celebrations for the International Day of Peace every year. The documentary also follows the development of The Peace Angels who create performances of beauty, grace and reverence and anchor a palpable energy of peace wherever they go; as witnessed in "Walking Light".

It was touch and go if the event would go on "rain or shine" due to the extremely threatening weather. The story of the intense rehearsal process and the personal development leading up to the event is led by the artistic director, Antoinette Sampson. The dramatic climax in Hyde Park features numerous speakers and singers, as well as the Peace Angels in illuminated costumes performing sacred ritual dances.

Counterpoint to the wars and economic stress of life today, this program aims to lift audiences' hearts, and offer messages of peace, hope and joy. Original music by Max Lambert is highlighted in the event, along with live multicultural songs and the ambient music of Japetus.

Produced by Tim Maddocks -
and Michael Ney (director) -

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Director's Note:
I approached the Peace Angels after seeing a short description of the proposed event on social media. It captivated me... my imagination exploded with the vision of how it might be. I was excited and my enthusiasm continued to fuel the project over a year in production. Whilst we were not successful in getting it broadcast, I feel it was not only a very satisfying, but also uplifting project to be involved in.

Project Details

Completed Tasks

  • Event shoot - 9 cameras
  • Observational Shoot - 9 months
  • Editing - 3 months
  • Broadcaster Pitch
  • DVD Production