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One of the most satisfying aspects of what we do is to support “cultural creatives” - described as “a distinct population segment of competent, inner-directed activists who choose to live a balanced and artful life of spiritual, personal and social growth as well as a lifestyle of health and sustainability.” More info at:

Please download this document which introduces a number of services and has a few case studies. You may like to share it with friends and colleagues.


1. First Steps - Your Marketing Plan

What we are proposing is a long term vision - a campaign - rather than just a single video. We'd like to help build your business using our expertise. We understand this may take time and it all starts with your first video being effective on your website and in social media. It is also possible to include photos, illustrations or slides from a powerpoint presentation - and can also include other video materials such as workplace examples.

We can brainstorm ideas specifically suited to your business at your convenience. We have an ex-advertising executive and marketing expert, Bill Gemmell, who will create a customised marketing plan for you. This meeting, at your location, takes about an hour and will give you a guideline for the following year and beyond.

2. Sample Quote - Standard Video Production

Quotes will vary depending on specific requirements.

This quote is based on a single shooting session of approx 2 hours to produce 1 main video (2-3 minutes) that uses still photographs as extra material. An extra 2 videos (30 to 60 sec) can be done in the same session that are primarily for social media use to highlight specials - or specific events, etc. All videos will include your contact details at the end with our production credit.

Shooting session of 3 video scripts = 3 videos
Shooting will take place at your desired location.
Note: studio or other locations incur extra cost.
Session fee (usually $750 - discount of $200) = $550
Includes editing with 1 edit revision if needed.
and upload to your Youtube channel - or we can provide our video platform.

Includes: •  1 camera operator up to 2 hours with approx 1 hour setup
•  usually 2 cameras (closeup + mid-shot), sometimes 3.
This enables parts of different takes to be used in final edit
•  audio - lapel mike to each camera
•  lighting as required
•  script consultancy to refine your message
•  autocue (if required for pre-prepared script)
•  various camera accessories such as tracks, slider or drones may also be added, but will incur additional cost.
•  EDITING single clip, with music if requested
Includes 1 revision after first draft.
Further revisions are $90 minimum and $90 per hour.
•  Deliver in usual format for upload to YouTube etc.

Optional extras:

  1. Professional makeup artist is NOT included in this fee.
        Attendance is approx $260 per session.
  2. Special effects editing - motion graphics $POA
  3. Green screen - $POA
  4.      Includes extra editing - choice of background still or video
  5. Additional camera operator per half day session = $330

3. Booking your Session

To book a session please provide the following information:

  1. Proposed date and time
  2. Location details (including notes re parking, stairs, etc)
  3. Text file of all on-screen names, titles, company, etc
  4. Draft scripts to revise and load into autocue
  5. Advise on any optional extras - especially second camera operator
  6. 60% deposit to be paid prior to shoot - then 40% on completion.
    Bank details will be provided on the invoice when confirming.

Bookings are blocked out in approx. half day increments.
A typical schedule is: 10am arrival for 11am shoot - finish by 1pm.
Times may vary depending on your schedule.
Ideally, we like to do a location recce a few days before the shoot to check access, ascertain equipment needs and to refine the shot list with the script. Please advise a good time for this to happen.

What you can expect us to do...
√    Create a project vision. Prepare scripting and planning for shoot day
√    Shoot audio and video on location or in studio - with rehearsal and set design
√    Supply all equipment; ie camera(s), lighting, audio, background materials etc.
√    Provide a selection of license free music choices, and visual enhancements
√    Prepare work-in-progress / draft assembly edit according to instructions
√    Consult and arrange on all post production ie editing and motion graphics
√    Cast actors for presenting or voiceover recordings if required
√    Refine the editing as required. 1 revision included in deliverable.
√    Upload videos to your YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia channels.

More about our process is at:

4. Case Studies

Embrace Life, Live Life -

This was a single shooting session that spanned 5 hours on location - and importantly included the main interview which forms the voiceover to guide the video. Being well practiced talking about your business is vitally important.

The best way to explore the activity and effectiveness of any organisation’s program ( Youth Matters - ), or an inspirational mentor ( Robert Kirby - ) is to follow their activities over time and present the highlights in a succinct video.

Alternatively, as in the case of an artistic group called The Peace Angels, we can be commissioned to follow events and behind the scenes over a longer period like a month or more.

Here are a few different kinds of video productions and styles. The “short documentary” is a very flexible format and can be used for many purposes such as commercial promotion, fundraising, informational or educational backgrounds. Budgets will vary depending on time and personnel.

Human Nurture -

In the case of Human Nurture, it was possible to keep costs down by planning well and only spending a limited time capturing the vital essence of what they do. This means carefully crafting the voiceover script and working out all the activities to shoot well in advance.

Testimonials are also a powerful way to inform potential customers about the quality of your services - (example for Human Nurture) -

Foodbank -

Documentary style videos work well for business profiles. With careful planning a day’s shoot can cover a lot of material. Possibly shooting interviews first will provide a good overview then followup with shooting aspects of the business activities.

Jo Gillies Introduces Archisoul -

We specialise in web video introductions and these examples show what is possible by adding professional lighting into an office, home or venue without substantially changing anything else in the background.

Perkins Fahey Lawyers -

Larry Bloch, CEO NetRegistry -

Various video styles for extending your marketing efforts include:
1)   Client Testimonials - with before & after example photos.
2)   Interviews with other people - Q&A or discussions about your work.
3)   Public Speaking Events - including your Powerpoint presentation.
Note: Event videos can be good to split up into short sections for social media.
Example: Andrew Andreyev - Open to Partnership - a breakfast presentation at The Radisson, Sydney -

5. Considerations for Presenters

a) Choice of wardrobe - no stripes or elaborate patterns. Plain, but not white, shirts work best.

b) Sometimes a little powder makeup helps reduce shine - especially on foreheads.

c) Being conversant with the script helps a lot - and even with the use of a teleprompter/autocue it is advisable to do a number of readings out loud before getting in front of the camera.

Script Preparation and Autocue

Your shooting script is possibly the most important aspect of the production and it is advisable to spend as much time on this as early as possible. We will consult and refine the script with you - incorporating all the key points you wish to cover in spoken and visual ways.

It is highly advisable to rehearse and be fluent in script delivery the day BEFORE the production shoot. It affects your performance dramatically.

Even if a conversational style is desired it is best to prepare at least a bullet point list of topics to refer to whilst shooting. An alternative style, requiring the presenter to learn the full script, is to walk through an environment, eg office, showroom, etc.

If you feel uncomfortable remembering a long script or improvising from bullet points, we may use an autocue to read from. Repetition and rehearsal before the shoot is highly recommended. Note: Autocue in outdoor settings can be difficult.

6. Green Screen

These examples on the right were shot using a Green Screen and demonstrate different kinds of motion background. The first (Kaplan) has a slow moving and relatively non-intrusive animation that relates to a “global” theme, as well as adding relevant supporting images. The next (Realview) has complex editing and rich colour still photography that is given extra life by moving it in the frame.

Note: Having flat hair and no frills is essential for a good "key" - very important for green screen use.

Kaplan Professional -

Realview Digital -

Digital OrganicsBruce Gibson
Digital Organics
Tel: +61 7 5313 4019

Michael Ney
Tel: +61 418 965 517


Michael is terrific to work with. He is creative, organised and able to elicit the best from talent. He has a great eye, understands light, and always looks for the best in creating the shooting environment. Michael is resourceful, imaginative, persuasive. He is liked and trusted by crew and talent alike.

Kris Wyld
Knapman Wyld Television, Producer East West 101 (SBS)
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